Intense weekend of myofascial training

Want to Become a Myofascial Coach of the F.Re.E Method (Fascial Real Emotion)? Functional Training is the first school of Neuro-Mio-Fascial Education in Italy.
Learn how the fascia creates the structure of our bodies and connects everything up to the cellular level. Understand how the myofascial structure determines the functioning of our muscles, strongly influencing the range of motion, strength and flexibility of our muscular system and fluidity of the whole body.

Fascial Training

With the awareness of the Anatomy Trains Mio-fascial Lines, you will immediately feel the benefits.

Myofascial Training

Day 1

10:00 am
Intro to the course: What is F.Re.E. and the Pillars
Practical lesson: Feel It – Mobility Strategies
Find out what the Mio-Fasciale system is
Explore the Mio-Fasciali lines of Anatomy Trains
14:30 pm
F.Re.E. and its Strategies
FEEL IT- Perception – Activation – Breath
MOBILITY – Functional Mobility
STRETCH- Elastic bandage
ENERGIE – Elastic Energy
RELEASE – Fascial Relaxation

Practical lesson: Stretch & Energy Strategies


Day 2

10:00 am
Improve your technique and your teaching
Discover in detail the STRETCH & ENERGIE Strategies:
Methods, the why, the how and the thing
Specific exercises and the correct technique
Teaching, specific and immediate verbalization with the correct choice of progressions.
14:30 pm
Discover the RELEASE Strategy in detail
Integration of the F.Re.E Method at 360 °
Workshop: Create and create your own F.Re.E.

Ester Albini participates like a speaker

May 29 – June 2, 2019

miofasciale Zurich, Switzerland


International Fascia Convention : Speakers

Joachim Schultz

Karin Locher

Fiona McIntosh

Ester Albini



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